Me and My Art

In my Blog I will be writing about my tips for Art GCSE. I will be sharing: tutorials, examples of my work and as the blog grows (finger crossed) the content should evolve around the audience so…. please comment what you think I should be posting, follow to read my frequent posts and like to help support the blog. (:
On this page I will be writing about and attaching my art. But first, a bit about me. I am a GCSE Art student in the south east of England. I love my art and am committed to creating a nice piece of art. I like mostly to paint in acrylic because I like the colours you can achieve with this media. Here are some examples of my art from my Portraits Portfolio

Chalk and charcoal portrait
David Hockney copy in acrylic
Pencil drawing of Emeli Sande
Self portrait in Pencil and Watercolour