How my Final Piece evolved 

Today I was looking back on one of my Art projects. I was given a wide task that was to base the project around your personal identity and portraiture. With only 4 weeks to complete this mini task.  I was curious to see how my Final piece evolved so here is a brief documentation of my ‘identity portrait exam’

The first thing I did was look at me.

I drew myself a few times to help understand my features and the way I look

Then I developed my project with an experiment of watercolour and ink (loosely inspired by Agnes Cecile). 

Initial identity page (loosely based around the works agnes Cecile)


Then I refined this experimentation into a focused project around eyes. I did 2 copies and 2 pastiches.

Focused work around eyes

Then I created an ideas page to develop my ideas. I look at urban and rural areas and looked at the concept of reflections.

Ideas page

Then I used these inspirations to create a final Piece.

My final piece

With this final piece I wanted to incorporate personal influences to my life. For example I used the fact that I wear glasses to create and interesting concept to build on. Then I looked at reflections and areas/scenes that I find interesting. I chose the sea because of my personal hobbies and my life beside the sea. Then I used previous work to help create eyes that stand out.

As always, thanks for reading. 

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