Painting ,with thanks to Rosemary and Co paintbrushes

This blog post is the first of a few I intend on posting through the summer. I have just completed my GCSE art Coursework and intend to document some of my work.

In this post I want to explore my favourite technique -by far- Painting. I have really enjoyed playing with colour and texture. For the pieces within this post I have been using Rosemary and Co Paintbrushes and I have been very much pleasantly surprised by the soft hairs. I especially enjoyed using the long fibre brushes which allowed me to create very accurate detail. I was very happy with the precision of the fibres in all of the brushes and the ergonomically shaped quality woods. Furthermore these brushes are very good value and I would highly recommend them.

Where to start…

When I think of painting a few distinct artists come to mind. David Hockney and Lucian Freud stand as my favourite artists. They create art in very contrasting manors : David hockney uses very bright colours and his work is somewhat abstract whereas Freud work is very raw. Freud’s work displays the subjects for what they are, with very realistic skin tones. I think the thing I really love about Freud’s work is the way that every brush stroke builds the aesthetic individually, where (I feel) Hockney uses shape and colour to create his art.

A painting I did of my nan in a similar style to Lucian Freud work
Another painting

After trying out portraiture painting I started to look at Landscapes, and specifically the way that Hockney paints them.

I started with a brightly coloured palette and began painting

After painting some landscapes I also had a look at the Pompidou building. I played with wild brush strokes and very bold colour. I feel that this was successful and found the extra long paint brushes very useful for creating straight lines

My painting of the Pompidou centre

So Painting…

So in summary painting is an interesting medium and it has a very broad usability. If you are an artist all I can say is that you must start broad and experiment, before finding your style and beginning to develop your repertoire. Painting is incredibly personal, no two styles are the same because there is so much variation.


May I also make one final recommendation of Rosemary and Co Paintbrushes and thank them for supporting me with a set of brushes.