David Hockney : My favourite Artists

David Hockney. To me he is an inspirational figure because of the way he paints his passion onto a blank canvas. I always feel like there is a clear influence to much of his repertoire.

Overtime his Art developed and whilst living in California he moved through many art styles including photo collages. He moved from Oil to Acrylic paint so he could achieve brighter and clearer colours. I like the clarity that his paintings have.

Hockneys Paintings are quite imposing when displayed in a gallery. A lot of his earlier paintings make you think. When looking at some you can’t help but stop and wonder. Other paintings are full of bright colours and large painted people. I like the way he paints them with smooth features, bright colours and high precision.

Hockney never stayed stagnant. His focus has always been changing. He has had galleries full of : Trees, Landscapes and nature, A selection of boldly coloured portraits and most recently a gallery displaying art from all periods of his career. I would confidently say that his art has been the biggest influence to me  because of the bright and bold way he paints

In my opinion his art from the Royal Academies exhibition ‘The Bigger Picture’ was his most amazing series of paintings. I love his use of colours and thick texture from the Arcylic. They are truly beautiful. In this exhibition he also had a section of digital and phtotographic art. He used an iPad to creat some landscapes and he also did several timelapses of him driving down a forest lane in different seasons.

Since starting a collection of copies and pastiches, I found that the colours schemes he uses are harder to achieve than previously expected. Here are some attempts of mine.

Barry Humphries Hockney Copy
Hockney landscape copy
Hockney Landscape Pastiche
Portrait Pastiche

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