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Today I was looking at my pencil case. It was annoyingly cluttered with awful pens I never use. They all have no ink and are scratched, bent and generally in very poor condition, so after some time rummaging through my art supplies I came across 2 quality pieces of stationary and I thought I’d include my recently purchased Apple Pencil. There will be links to all of the pens mentioned in this post at the bottom so please feel free to check them out.

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#1 the Lamy Al-Star

I like the Lamy Al-Star because of its design and quality. Lamy sell a cheaper plastic version of this pen called the ‘safari’ but in my opinion it is quite poor quality plastic and that it is well worth paying an extra luxury for the metal body. It will last longer and it feels SOOOO much nicer !!! Also the design is very ergonomic in the hand but most of all it just looks great. It’s hard to Compliment a pens aesthetic but they have definitely managed it. Finally, it is a great pen to write with. I have the Lamy brand ink and it is really smooth to write with. Here are some photos

Lamy Al-star photo collage

#2 the Apple Pencil

I was sceptical at first with the £99 price tag but since purchase I have been really impressed. Firstly, the body is very well built despite the plastic finish. It feels solid in the hand and easy to hold. The only issue I can see is the magnetic cap on the top falling off but I guess I’ll just have to be careful! I have enjoyed making pictures on pro create but have mostly found myself using for taking notes in lessons on notability. For these tasks it performs very well because of its pressure and gyroscopic sensors. Here are some photos

Apple Pencil photo collage

#3 The Koh-I-Noor Versatte

I picked this pencil up from the Tate Modern last year for £5. I was astonished at the amount of pencil you get for the price. Again though, its main body is plastic but the mechanics are all metal and this improves the aesthetic. The Pencil is nice to write with because the graphite is so soft so it floats across the paper nicely. I also like how the wide graphite area is as it means you can achieve excellent shading and on the contrary you can sharpen and achieve precise graphic sketches. Here are some photos

Koh I Noor photos

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Here are links to the products featured in this post

Koh-I-Noor Pencil:

Apple Pencil:

Lamy Al-Star:
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Drawing with the Apple Pencil

Throughout time Apple have claimed to have reinvented many things but has the Apple Pencil created a useful platform for new art forms? I was skeptic all at first however after investing in the iPad Pro I thought I would buy an Apple Pencil to go with it. To say the least, I have been impressed. Please read on and leave a comment with your thoughts on the Apple Pencil.

The first thing I tried was a landscape drawing of Pembrokeshire. I found the multitasking view very useful. I got used to drawing with the Pencil very quickly and I felt it lives up to its name as it writes as a Pencil would. 

Here is my painting (iPad) of the Pembrokeshire coastline

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