Sketchbook Page ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your book interesting and different on every page. So, today I am going to be giving you some tips on how to create an effectively layer out page.

#1 Planning- Before doing anything decide what it is your page is going to focus on .Whether it be a leaf, an artist or an artistic style. Write down some notes of ideas 

#2 Create a relevant ground- Having a ground is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your page. Making sure there is no blank areas on your page can make the book feel like it’s buzzing with ideas. The ground MUST be relevant to the art that is to follow.

My Mono-Printing page

#3 A neatly written title- The title need not be overly extravagant or long and wordy. All that is needed is a few words summing up the page written neatly using relevant fonts. Search up any style you want to incorporate followed by font and the search should be brimming with ideas.

#4 Carefully refined Artwork- Create some pieces to show your talent effectively.

#5 Annotation- You MUST be careful with this stage. Examiners are not looking for lengthy essays explaining every detail and inspiration to each piece. They want you to tell them briefly (a few words) What, Why and How. NOTHING more. A cluttered book will not appeal aesthetically so keep annotations to a minimum

My page exploring Natural texture
Here is a labelled example of one of my Sketchbook Pages

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Some ideas for equipment 

Start with a quality Book: (Seawhite sketchbook)

My personal favourite pencil: 

This is the fountain pen I use to create interesting typography. It is fine, precise and ergonomic in the hand: