Proportions of the face

It is very difficult to create a proportionally perfect portrait. In this post I want to inform you of how simple it can be to draw the facial proportions. These proportions are only a guideline though so there will be variations.

#1 start with the head. Draw a shape that fits that of the person you’re drawing. 

These are all samples from my sketchbook

#2 the eyes are half way down the face. Split the line across the Centre into five. From the side the eyes will fill the 2nd and 4th sections. Remember that the eyes aren’t as big as you think

#3 the bottom of the nose is halfway between the eyes and the chin.

#4 the mouth is halfway between the mouth and the chin. A tip to make the mouth more realistic is to only draw the upper lip and just draw the shadow beneath the mouth. Usually the sides of the mouth are between lines drawn down from the inside of the pupils.

#5 the ears will be between the level of the eyes and the mouth.

#6 the hair will extend above the head and on most people will reach down to the ears

I hope this has helped. Get creative and start sketching. Please like and comment if you like and please follow for frequent posts.

Thanks for reading I hope you found this useful

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